Thinking books

 Many of those who offer their services for reading in schools are well-qualified and experienced parents. This led us to trial a new idea, using some of our most sensitive volunteers to use shared reading as a stimulus to mentoring.

 The best children’s books tackle difficult issues which children are likely to meet. TrinityLearning has built up a book basket, which offers young readers books on a variety of issues, from bullying and marital break-up to dyslexia and autism. Readers are allowed to choose a book (sometimes with guidance) and encouraged to discuss the issues which it raises. Thus, confidence and understanding in reading go hand-in-hand with emotional literacy.

 Some of the books we have used.


A note to other churches:

 Why not help your local school by making a donation of Thinking Books to their local library?    – if you’re short of cash, try your local charity shops & book sales!